Customs services

DTW Logistics in the provision of complex logistics services has its own Customs Agencies which provides service such as:

  • comprehensive customs clearance of consignments in export and import
  •  issue and electronic transmission of TIR Carnets to the NCTS
  • organization of reloadings under customs supervision
  • Client representation through customs agency in the Customs Office
  • presence of our workers during customs revision
  • issuing and verification of certificates of origin
  • advisory services relating to international trade, to ensure compliance with the law: the Community Customs Code, TIR and CMR Convention, Road Transport Act and the Act on Waste

In our warehouse in Blonie we have possibility to:

  • storage of goods under customs supervision in the warehouse for temporary storage 
  • implementation of the T1 transit operations

We provide prompt, professional and reliable cutoms services. Our Customs Agency and warehouse are located very close to the Customs Office in Blonie, which guarantees a fast and cheaper service. Because We appreciate your value, saving time and money of our clients is our top priority.

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